Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Micheal Wacha Cardinals pitcher

Micheal was born on July 1, 1991. He first played in minor leagues for Texas A&M Aggies. After playing for one year in the minor leagues he was chosen first round pick in 2012 by the Angels. During this he was immediately put in a trade with free agent Albert Pujols. The Cardinals made a trade with Angles, Albert for Wacha with the hopes that he would eventually become one of the starting Pitchers for the St. Louis Cardinals with his size and competitive nature which drew favorable comparisons with right-handers Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright. The Cardinals activated Wacha on May 30, 2013, to make his major league debut against Kansas City Royals at Busch Stadium. In his first at bat in the majors Wacha singled to right-center field. Wacha's main featuring pitch is a sinking fastball traveling at an average of 92 MPH and 95 MPH. With Wacha's high arm angle and release point create a substantial downward action on his fastball. Wacha's second pitch choice is a changeup, features deep fading movement to right handed hitters.

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